Moments with Marina: 13 Ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Household!

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in various ways to help keep your bathroom sparkling, remove stains, and rid your home of harmful germs! It is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer, making it an ideal choice for cleaning surfaces, fixtures, and even toothbrushes. Here are my favorite tips and tricks for using hydrogen peroxide in your home.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean your toothbrushes. Simply dip the toothbrush into a cup of undiluted hydrogen peroxide for five minutes and then rinse off with water. Alternatively, if you have a loofah or bath puff, you don’t even need to rinse them after spraying them with undiluted hydrogen peroxide – just let the cleaner work its magic! If your shower is building up mold and mildew, spot treat and soak for 5 minutes with hydrogen peroxide. Pro tip: Spray your shower daily before getting out to stay ahead of it.

Disinfect Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning household items with hydrogen peroxide is an effective and safe way to kill germs and bacteria. To keep your mops, brushes, sponges, and toilet brushes clean, spray them with undiluted hydrogen peroxide and let the solution sit for 5 minutes. For very dirty items, you can leave them to soak in the hydrogen peroxide solution longer.

Clean Makeup and Beauty Tools

One of the best ways to keep your makeup sponges and brushes clean is to use undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Simply spray your brushes and tools liberally and let them sit for five minutes before rinsing them off and letting them air dry. 

Clean Kids’ Toys

Keeping toys clean and germ-free is important for household safety, especially when kids are involved. Instead of using harsh chemicals and toxic cleaning products, try hydrogen peroxide. This is a natural, safe solution that is effective in killing bacteria and germs. Simply spray the toys with hydrogen peroxide and let them sit for 5 minutes.

Clean Produce

Wash your fruits and vegetables with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to remove excess dirt and pesticides. Fill your sink or a bowl with water and one cup of hydrogen peroxide, soak, and rinse.

Clean Cutting Boards

Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to clean out all the bacteria trapped in your everyday cutting board. Simply spray the board with hydrogen peroxide and rinse well.

Disinfect Kitchen Sponges

It is no secret that kitchen sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria. Soak your sponges in a mix of water and hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes and they are good as new.


This one is my favorite. If you have tried every stain remover and whitening treatment for your clothes, add hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach and watch it work its magic. Use 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the washing machine. Be careful not to use it for darker-colored clothes or fabrics though. 

Clean Humidifiers & Diffusers

As winter brings dry and cold air, we love using our humidifiers and diffusers throughout our household, but they can also harbor harmful bacteria and even mold. Run your humidifier or diffuser with half water and half hydrogen peroxide once a month to clean out all that harmful bacteria.

Clean Your Mattress

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Disinfect your mattress with hydrogen peroxide to remove germs and excess dust mites. Spray directly on your mattress and let it dry completely, then make your bed. 

Removing Blood Stains

It is inevitable to have a blood stain on clothing, sheets, carpets, or even upholstery. Do not worry though, hydrogen peroxide may help remove those stains! Apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain, let it soak for at least 5 minutes, and rub gently with a clean, damp microfiber cloth until the stain is gone. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. 

Clean Mirrors

Cleaning mirrors and windows can be a frustrating task when streaks are left behind after spending a good amount of time trying to avoid them. Use hydrogen peroxide on a window or mirror with a microfiber cloth for minimal streaks. 

Disinfect Your Washing Machine

If your washing machine is smelling musty from mold and mildew growth, add two cups of hydrogen peroxide to the empty washer and run a hot cycle. 
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