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Palos Verdes Hiking

5 Perfect Hiking Trails In Palos Verdes

Did you know that Palos Verdes is home to some of the most scenic and experienced hiking trails in Southern California?

Managed by land Conservancy, Palos Verdes offers a wide variety of trails from basic to more experienced, all the while enjoying a variety of vantage points, selfie opportunities, native plants, geology and varieties of species. 

The first is the Apsley trail at the northern end of the Lunada Bay area which goes up the hill and turns into the Palos Verdes Loop trail which can also be accessed at the upper end of the trail at the left side of 1821 Paseo Del Sol. Another trail is the Lower La Dosta Fire Station trail and the Upper La Costa Fire trail road in the Malaga Cove area. This trail can be accessed across the street from the back side of the park next to the Palos Verdes Estates city hall. There are also trails in the median strip of Palos Verdes Drive West through both the Lunada Bay area as well as the Valmonte area north of Malaga Cove Plaza lined with eucalyptus trees.


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One of our favorite trails are the ones located in Lunada Bay. These are fun trails to explore because of the Bay with Catalina views and the views of the Santa Monica Bay also known as the Queen’s Necklace. They refer to the bay coastline as the Queen’s Necklace because of the sparkle and spectacular views by night that imitate the look of diamonds on a Queen's neck.

These trails can be accessed at the intersection of Paseo Lunado and Via Rivera in the community of  Lunda Bay within Palos Verdes Estates. Paseo del Mar also is home to some of the most expensive and coveted ocean facing homes in the Palos Verdes community.

Palos Verdes Estates trails can be easily accessed from this charming community.  Park your car and grab a sandwich at the local hot spot Malaga Cove Ranch Market or The Cove both are located in the Malaga Cove Plaza known for its Neptune water fountain. The Neptune Fountail has been a Malaga Cove icon since 1930  and it is the central business hub for Palos Verdes Estates. It is made up of a collection of historical buildings that began construction in 1924 and took over 37 years to complete. 

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What Are The Main Trails?

There are several interesting trails in Palos Verdes Estates. Some of the most popular for family photoshoots and holiday cards are the trails in the median strip of Palos Verdes Drive West through the Valmonte area north of Malaga Cove Plaza and it is lined with eucalyptus trees. You will see joggers, family gatherings and all varieties of dogs walked by local resident homeowners. This is a great trail if you are looking for a casual hike and want to explore the local neighborhoods and see some of South Bay's most expensive homes. 

Looking for an easy but scenic hike? Then you should try White Point Nature Preserve with over 100 acres of beautifully restored coastal habitat which showcases the glory of the Pacific Ocean, the breathtaking Queen's Necklace, and Catalina Island as your backdrop. The trails lean on the side of narrow and on a slow day you will likely encounter hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. There is some shade but be sure to bring proper gear and water. White Point Nature Preserve in Palos Verdes is a great opportunity to spend the day outside with the family.

Palos Verdes Hiking

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Palos Verdes Hiking trails are a one-of-a-kind experience for hikers in the Southern California area. There are various parklands surrounding the beautiful city of Palos Verdes, offering numerous trails and nature preserves for all visitors to enjoy. Whether you need some time to unwind in nature or want to exercise with a view, Palos Verdes hiking trails have you covered.


The most popular Palos Verdes Hiking trails you need to check out includes:


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