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Renovation Nation – Top 3 Renovation Tips

We love to see BEFORE and AFTER shots and HGTV shows. Who doesn’t love to witness improvement? Many of our clients look to us to consult on their future renovation plans whether they plan to buy, sell or just stay put. We are often asked what renovation projects deliver the most resale value?

There are 3 important areas to consider if you’re looking to improve the value of your home: kitchen, bathrooms and curb Appeal.


A kitchen is the gathering place of the home, often used for multiple purposes such as cooking, gathering, eating, homework, office work, art projects, etc. When considering whether or not to renovate this space, here are a few areas of Importance:

Deep cleaning – when done right, this can deliver lots of ‘look’ for minimal investment A deep clean and de-clutter can visually improve your space. Painting – nothing is more impactful than paint! Selecting chic colors (check out Farrow and Ball palette) can revolutionize your kitchen for relatively cheap. Countertops – are your countertops in good shape, current in style and color? Cabinets – do the kitchen cabinets complement or detract from the room? Appliances – are the appliances all up to date and in good working condition?

Advice: If you can only do one thing, update your kitchen cabinets and hardware. If you cannot afford to replace all cabinets, an affordable option would be to reface or paint / stain them a new color.


Bathrooms are one of the easiest spaces to renovate but often overlooked. Resurfacing a tub and replacing a sink and lighting, etc can be an inexpensive and meaningful upgrade. Of course , a brand-new bathroom is optimum. But beware of highly exotic 1marbles or fixtures that do not have a perceived value by the consumer! Avoid high fashion... fashion fades fast. Classic-classic, classic-modern or classic-contemporary ages best.

Consider these factors when evaluating your bathroom:

Does your flooring look old, dirty or outdated? Are your bathroom cabinets in good shape? How is the lighting? Do the bathroom fixtures or counter tops date the space?

Advice: If you can only do one thing, update your bathroom flooring. You can gain a lot of bang for little bucks.


In the real estate industry, this is commonly referred to as “curb appeal because many prospective buyers won’t even get out of the car to look 1inside if they do not like the look of the home from the curb. Nothing sets the tone better than a beautifully landscaped front yard. Do the work yourself and save a fortune. When conside11ingy our homes curb appeal, ask yourself:

Is your roof in good shape? Does the landscaping look fresh (even alive}? What does your front door and garage doors look like? Is your front porch welcoming? What is the condition of your driveway and walkways?

Advice: If you can only do one thing, replace the front doors (or ,garage doors} or stain / paint them a wonderful color which can add instant drive up appeal.

Follow advice from real estate professionals to ensure you are maintaining your homes value even if you are not planning to put your home on the market.

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